A Day at Sunset Cliffs

On our last day in Cali, we just couldn't decide where we wanted to spend our day.  By the time noon had rolled around, I had changed my mind about our plans at least 10 times :)  We finally agreed to drive to Sunset Cliffs and hike down to the water on this fairly cloudy day. 

One word comes to mind...BEAUTIFUL!!!  It was just us and the surfers enjoying this hidden little cove.  Bobby and I spent the next few hours exploring the tidal pools filled with small fish and sea-life.  I loved the bright green and aqua colored sea urchins covered in remnants of broken shells.  The rock formations were beyond anything I had seen during our entire time visiting the coast. 

On our way back to the car, Bob spotted a rope which could be used to climb up the side of the cliff.  I'm not going to lie...I was terrified when we reached the top. To stand at the edge of a cliff and look down at the magnificent ocean is something I won't soon forget.  What a day!!