A Day with the Family in York, Pa

Throughout my childhood, I fondly remember our trips to York, PA to see my mother's Aunt Posey & Uncle Rich.  I have so many great memories of the fun times we had with all of our cousins while playing there.  I can remember how much I used to LOVE taking off my shoes and socks and running around in Uncle Rich's perfectly manicured lawn.  His yard had the softest and silkiest grass I had ever seen and it was always so pretty! 

This weekend, I had the opportunity to once again visit Aunt Posey & Uncle Rich's home in York.  And just like I always remember, the yard was absolutely beautiful!  I was almost tempted to slip off my shoes and take a quick walk across the silky (perfectly-trimmed) grass. 

While there, I had such a wonderful time spending the afternoon with a few of my late grandmother's sisters and brother.  It truly was a special occasion to have 3 of her siblings all together at once.  Aunt Annie from California & Uncle Tommy from Michigan had come to see Posey which made for a mini family reunion on this lovely Summer day.  

Over the past few years, I have gotten more and more interested to learn about my family history.  A few months ago, while visiting Aunt Annie in San Diego we got to talking about what her mother and father were like? (My great-grandmother and great-grandfather)  I couldn't believe the stories she could tell!  I even leaned that my great grandmother was an excellent seamstress and would sew many clothes for her 12 children.  But by far the biggest shock was to hear that my sweet little great grandmother's favorite afternoon activity was to watch wrestling matches on TV where she would get so excited and scream at the TV as the men would fight...who would've known? :)

One of the best parts of the day was when Aunt Posey brought out some old photos of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother) .  I had never seen any of these photos nor had I ever seen any pictures of what they looked like.  She even had a photo of my great-great-grandparents and a photo of my great-great grandfather shortly after he arrived from Poland.  (How Cool!!) 

I always knew my mother resembled my grandmother-but I was absolutely shocked to see how much my mother resembled my great-grandmother!  Those were some strong genes and I'm pretty sure I have gotten some of them too :)   

At the end of the day, I just couldn't leave without snapping a few photos of their yard which looked just as pretty as it has my whole childhood.   Enjoy!