It's Derby Day!

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby - an absolute must watch event for our family every year!  Last year we visited Louisville, KY while on the Bourbon Trail and got to visit an empty Churchill Downs stadium where the race is run.  It looked totally different this time around because it had been pouring all day and made for an awfully muddy track.

My husband, Bob surprised us with delicious derby inspired treats such as Beer cheese, Whiskey wieners, and Benedictine sandwiches (which is thin bread with an onion/cucumber spread).  He finished it off with mint juleps all around (even a super sweet version for me made mostly of iced tea and mint).  My excitement came from the decorations on our coffee table.  Everything was derby themed such as a small iron horse, red roses, bourbon bottles, fresh mint, and an antique set of my late grandfather's binoculars. 

It finally came down to race time and we all put on our hats and began to cheer for our pre-picked horses.  (Even our dog, Willow)  It really is my favorite race to watch because it's super short and I'm always so excited for the winning horse and jockey.  Bob's pick, Orb won first place while my two horses came in 4th and 5th.  All in all, a great day!  And a great excuse to wear the adorable hat, right?!?