Carlsbad Flower Fields - Here we come!

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Carlsbad Flower Fields while visiting southern California.  We arrived early morning to a partly-cloudy and on-and-off showers kind of day in San Diego.  I know what you're can that be?  Isn't it always sunny in San Diego?  Well, apparently Bob and I will always bring the rain, wherever we go.  Including our trip to the Sahara Desert while on our Honeymoon, YES - it poured on us there too.

Oddly enough, we were about half way up the hill on our self-guided tour of the fields and the sun suddenly popped through.  Within 15 minutes, the clouds and rain had blown their way off to sea and we were blessed with that gorgeous blue sky that San Diego is known for.

The rows of flowers went on and on as far as the eye could see.  Every row was as straight as could be and all in coordinating colors.  I never thought about where the flowers that I see at weddings in the centerpieces and bouquets actually came from.  But there they were, millions in bloom and soaking up the warm San Diego sun right along the Pacific ocean.  

After an hour or so of walking up and down the rows and taking as many pictures as possible, I told Bob that I had seen all that I wanted to see in California.   Just Kidding, that was only the start of our 2 week trip and we had days and days of jam packed exciting adventures to come.