Timbreblue Whippet Reunion

This past weekend, we drove our little girl - Willow to her annual family reunion.  This is by far one of my favorite days of the year!  Our breeders throw a reunion every year and encourage all of their whippet families to bring back their pups to play and visit with one another.  This year, we met so many amazing new friends that have become part of this wonderful family!  The pups play and snuggle together (and in some cases end up snuggling with their litter-mates or parents who they haven't seen for years)  Several times throughout the day, Willow found her mama, Juliet. They both laid on her little blanket for a quick snooze...  What a beautiful day!  We are already looking forward to next year!  It's not everyday that you find such a wonderful breeder as Timbreblue Whippets.  The pups will always be a part of their family and they enjoy seeing them all return each year as much as we do.  Enjoy!

Rehearsal Dinner Party - Cincinnati, OH

Check out this beautiful rehearsal dinner held in Cincinnati for my dear friend Paige and her (now husband) James on the night before their wedding.  Enjoy!

First Backyard Tiki Party of the Summer

This weekend, Bob & I visited his best friend's house in York, Pa to throw a summer tiki party.  The day began with a trip to Home Depot to buy the necessary tools to redo his deck. 

We spent the afternoon power-washing the deck & house, cleaning out all of the hedges, & re-staining his patio set.  By the end of the day we were all exhausted but got to enjoy some amazing tiki drinks in his new backyard space!  This Tiki-themed retreat has been a goal of Mike's for a few months now and it was so exciting to see it all come together! 

I spent much of my day Sunday visiting the local town of Adamstown, which is known as the Antiques Capital of the World!  I came home with some really cute Tiki-themed antiques including some cool old Tiki mugs & even a Hawaiian luau girl bowl.  Lots of fun stuff to add to my collection!  Looking forward to heading back to York for some more summer fun soon!