End of Summer Puppy Pool Party

This year, our building decided to celebrate the last day of our pool season by hosting the 1st ever Doggy Day Pool Party!  All of the residents brought their little pooches to celebrate and enjoy a nice swim on a hot day.  We all had a great time and are already looking forward to next year!  (Notice our little Willow sporting her hot pink polka dot bikini) Enjoy!

Balloon-fest 2013 - Solberg Airport, NJ

A few weeks ago,  my family and I attended the 2013 Balloon-fest at Solberg Airport, NJ.  This event happens once a year in July and is by far one of my favorite days.  Waking up at 4am is worth every bit of the loss of sleep as soon as I see the first balloon inflate.  The balloons arrive at sunrise and within an hour, 125 hot air balloons all ascend at once and take off together.  This year, we had the perfect day with gorgeous blue skies and a cool summer breeze.  I am already looking forward to next year! 

A Week Spent in Wildwood...It's Officially Summer!

We just returned home from our annual summer vacation to Wildwood, NJ.  This year, both Bobby's & my schedule worked out perfectly so that we could both go down the shore together.  We spent most of our week relaxing with our family at a gorgeous condo only 1 block from the beach.  We could watch the sunrise & sunsets over the ocean right from our 3rd floor balcony. 

Our adorable little cousin, Brielle made a special trip to spend the day with us at the beach.  She had so much fun chasing seagulls and playing in the sand with her "Unka Bob & Debbie".  At one point, her adorable little curls were COVERED in sand as she sat on her little princess chair eating ice cream.

Already looking forward to next year for another relaxing week! 

First Backyard Tiki Party of the Summer

This weekend, Bob & I visited his best friend's house in York, Pa to throw a summer tiki party.  The day began with a trip to Home Depot to buy the necessary tools to redo his deck. 

We spent the afternoon power-washing the deck & house, cleaning out all of the hedges, & re-staining his patio set.  By the end of the day we were all exhausted but got to enjoy some amazing tiki drinks in his new backyard space!  This Tiki-themed retreat has been a goal of Mike's for a few months now and it was so exciting to see it all come together! 

I spent much of my day Sunday visiting the local town of Adamstown, which is known as the Antiques Capital of the World!  I came home with some really cute Tiki-themed antiques including some cool old Tiki mugs & even a Hawaiian luau girl bowl.  Lots of fun stuff to add to my collection!  Looking forward to heading back to York for some more summer fun soon!

Trip to Longwood Gardens

A few days ago,  I was lucky enough to spend one of the most beautiful days of the year with my mom and dad.  We spent the day at Longwood Gardens, located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  While there, I had the opportunity to photograph some of the prettiest flowers I have ever seen. 

The Longwood Gardens story began over 100 years ago with a young philanthropist named Pierre du Pont.  He originally purchased the nearly 1,000 acre property in an effort to save the many trees growing on the land.   Over time, he used his fortune to further develop the land with many fountains and green houses to enhance people's experiences while there.  As early as 1914, du Pont was focused on creating Longwood Inc. which would help to manage the property and continue his legacy for many generations to come. 

I  remember frequenting Longwood Gardens all throughout my childhood and was so pleased to revisit it this week.  I am already looking forward to my next visit!